How to #FindYourGrotto and Why It Matters


Where do you turn when you need a moment of peace? Is there a place to which you retreat to recenter yourself? An activity that helps you process whatever is going on in your life?

This is your grotto: a space to find peace and inspiration and practice mindfulness; a space where you feel safe to reconnect with yourself and with God.

Your ‘grotto’ is as unique as you are and is a space without boundaries. You may stumble upon a grotto moment unexpectedly, or it may be a place that you seek out and return to in a time of need or gratitude.

For some, it will be a quiet place in a beautiful church. For others, it could be a nature walk. Your grotto could even be a weekly ritual that you have or a cozy corner of your home.

How aware are you of the sacred spaces in your own life? Grotto Network invites you, wherever you may find yourself, to seek out your own grotto.

Using #FindYourGrotto is a way to share your search for meaning, for inspiration, or for a moment of peace in your day. In sharing your grotto, hopefully you come to see that you are not alone. It’s hope that, despite the world of darkness, there are places where we can discover beauty, and there are places we can go for answers. The diversity of these places reveals that God is everywhere — and He is meeting you wherever you are.

Find your moment of peace, and share it with us on social media using #FindYourGrotto.

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