St. Catherine of Siena’s Fierce Love | #GrottoMusic

Who was St. Catherine of Siena? Listen to this Spotify playlist that was inspired by her life.

Catherine of Siena is one of the great mystics in our tradition, but she did not hide away from the world — she was deeply involved in the issues of her day, and even advised the pope.

At the age of 6, Catherine had a mysterious vision in which Jesus reached out and touched her. That encounter inspired her to live the rest of her life as a single woman. She never married; she never joined a religious order. Instead, Catherine felt called to spend her time on Earth fiercely loving both God and neighbor.

She spent most of her young adult life in solitude and prayer in her parents’ home. At the age of 21, she had another vision in which she felt called to actively serve the poor, sick, and dying in her community.

She continued to receive mystical visions throughout her life — even receiving the stigmata — and became known as a woman of great wisdom. People traveled from all over to seek her counsel — even the pope. Catherine worked tirelessly for unity at a divisive time in the Catholic Church.

Catherine’s example of fierce love, accompanied by her mystical writings, led to her being named one of the 37 doctors of the Church. This playlist is inspired by the profound love Catherine had for Christ, and every person she encountered.

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