Finding Conviction with St. Joan of Arc | #GrottoMusic

Who was St. Joan of Arc? Listen to this Spotify playlist that was inspired by her life.

St. Joan of Arc (1412 – 1431) comes with a widely known, and at times mythical, story. In her early teenage years, she began hearing voices calling her to save France.

France had been in a series of endless wars with England and morale was low among the country’s army and citizenry. Joan’s mystical visions allowed her to predict the outcomes of battles, which helped convince authorities that she herself should lead a group of soldiers in battle. At age 17, Joan’s leadership was instrumental to a great victory that helped France turn the tide in the war.

That pinnacle moment became her only victory. She found herself in a series of losing battles and was eventually captured and brought to England. She endured four months of trial — she was accused of witchcraft, and was questioned about the voices she had heard and the fact that she’d dressed in men’s armor.

She was told to renounce her statements and actions, but she remained faithful to her calling to the point of her death sentence. She was burned at the stake at 19 years old, calling out the name of Jesus as she died.

This playlist is inspired by Joan’s short but dynamic life — one that was filled with courage, stamina, faith, and conviction. In the face of her challenges, she proclaimed, “It is for this that I was born!”

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