What is a Synod?

Pope Francis has called a gathering in Rome throughout the month of October to better understand young people — the Church is seeking renewal so she’s turning to our generation to lead the way. The gathering is called a synod, which comes from a Greek word for “walking together.”

Does it sound other-worldly? In this episode of #Catholic101, we break down the similarities and differences between a Vatican Synod and a Galactic Senate.

Grotto has a team on the ground in Rome to capture authentic stories of our generation and what this Synod on Young People means to them. This is a historical moment for the Church, and Grotto is blazing a digital path for you to join in from wherever you are. Together we can #RejuvenateTheChurch.

Read this article to learn more about the movement to #RejuvenateTheChurch.

And visit our Synod 2018 page for more on Grotto at the Synod.

Video Transcript

Durrell: Welcome everyone to Catholic 101, and today on our quiz series: Vatican Synod versus the Galactic Senate. And you can also choose both.

Participant: Okay.

Durrell: People in positions of power wear robes.

Tyler: Vatican Synod.


Indi: The Star War or Jesus. (Laughing)

John: That’s both.


Durrell: Oh yeah.

Durrell: And at the Galactic Senate, they got them big red, cozy robes.

John: We’re going on to the next question.

Durrell: Okay.

Durrell: Tensions between sides will erupt in armed battle on the debate floor.

Indi: I hope that’s not the Vatican.

Katie: Just the Galactic Senate.


Durrell: Thank God, yes.

Annie: The Vatican’s too wise to fight.

Durrell: The seat of power is a position that has been maintained for thousands of years.

Indi: Galactic?


Durrell: No.

Indi: What?

Daniel: I’m gonna say just the Vatican.


Durrell: Yup.

Durrell: You see the Pope sits on the chair of Peter, and that chair of Peter has been around for thousands of years.

Indi: Who is writing these questions?

John: I’m taller than Yoda though; that’s all that matters.

Durrell: Right.

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