Two Truths and a Lie: St. Drogo

Catholic saints are the patron saints of some pretty interesting things! Can you guess who St. Drogo intercedes for?

Video Transcript

Natural: I mean, he’d be my patron saint, but that’s besides the point. (Laughing)

Two Truths and a Lie: Featuring St. Drogo

Randy: Saint—

Robert: Drogo!

Tommy: He is the patron saint of unattractive people.

Gina: He is the patron saint of coffee houses.

Rachel M.: He is the patron saint of cheesemakers.

Guess the lie.

Natural: He’s probably unattractive people, ’cause look at that face.

Katie: I think I’ve actually heard of this guy. I think it’s the cheesemakers one.

Sarah: How do you decide who’s attractive and who’s not?

Channing: True.

Sarah: So, why would there be a…

Rachel M.: I’ma go coffee houses.

LeShane: I’m gonna go coffee houses, as well.


Katie: Didn’t they build a separate little area for him in the church, because his face would scare the little children?

Tommy: (gasps)

Rachel S.: Okay, but unattractive people?

Elly: They need a saint.

Katie: That could be some kind fabricated memory in the back of my mind about the church thing.

Tommy: I’m gonna go with you because that’s pretty weird.

Katie: But I’m going with cheesemakers.


Grotto: I don’t even think it’s cheesemakers—

Elly: I don’t think you do. You know what, I want you all out here. See what happens.

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