Does It Matter What I Wear to Church?

In this episode of #HowToCatholic, Fr. Pat tackles the issue of what to wear to Mass. Does it really matter? Are jeans acceptable? His answer might surprise you.

Video Transcript

Father Pat Reidy: Do you ever just feel underdressed at Mass? You were in a rush and you walk into church sporting shorts and flip flops. You feel everyone’s eyes on you, especially that one couple in the sport coat and the pearls. Is there a dress code for this?

I grew up in Colorado. Our Sunday best was normally your nicer pair of jeans. Not that folks were unwilling to get dressed up for church, but the church was more than merely someplace sacred. It was home. That’s what happens when the Mass becomes part of your life, where time spent with Jesus matters more than time spent spiffing up.

Of course, you’re always welcome to dress well for Mass. Just don’t let your shoes keep your feet from following the Lord. Flip flops are just fine.

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