How to Live with an Empathetic Heart

Each new day brings opportunities for us begin again — to look for new ways of tackling the tasks at hand and to explore new methods and ways of healing the broken parts of our world.

Sometimes as we look at the problems around us, we can easily become overwhelmed by the magnitude of injustice. Many times we look to external sources or policies to cultivate the healing process.

Perhaps we need to look inside first. Look at how we respond to suffering and learn the art of the empathic approach to living.

Dr. Brené Brown suggests creating a “sacred space.” Instead of looking for the silver lining or trying to make things better, rely on the power of connection.

As you encounter people this week, invite yourself to respond with an empathic heart. If we choose to accept this invitation, we’ll take some of the first steps in transforming some of the brokenness we experience in our communities.

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