The Impact of Empowering Ugandan Businesswomen

Watch how this CRS program is empowering women in Uganda by teaching them how to farm.
Catholic Relief Services has made an impact in young women’s lives in Uganda by teaching them how to become self-reliant farmers and entrepreneurs.

Providing training in finance and entrepreneurship, the Catholic Relief Service Girls’ Agro-Investment (GAIN) Project helps women succeed through passion fruit farming.

“They taught us, we as girls, we can do work just like men,” says Marunga Mabel, a twenty-year-old mother who, despite not attending secondary school, is a successful businesswoman.

Thanks to this program, many women like Marunga will become aware of their potential and grow their way toward a bright future.

Take a few moments to expand your understanding on what’s happening in a different part of the world and learn more about the inspirational work undertaken by CRS by watching this testimonial:

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