What It Takes to Build a Business of Beauty

Erica Tighe Campbell founded her company, Be A Heart, to bring beauty into the world. She shares how her faith and spiritual journey guide her work as an artist and entrepreneur.

Video Transcript

Erica Campbell: I was looking at First Communion plates, and I saw that they’re the exact same that existed from 1998 when I had my First Communion, and I wondered why no one had come into this space.

Erica is updating the aesthetic of an old tradition.

So today was the first day that we launch our brand new products. It’s bigger than just one launch, but really an idea to reclaim all of the celebrations that we have as Christians, as Catholics. So today’s the first day that we really shared it with the world.

Beyond the walls of our Church, our communities are really where God is found. This is just a really small way to empower people — to invite people into their home and into their space, in a unique way.

So this is going to be a big plate, and then this is the napkin, and then these will be the garland. And then this is going to be a small plate, folded, you know? And then this will be the cup.

I sent it to the manufacturer and they’re working on production, and soon it’ll show up in 100 boxes that we have to figure out where they’ll go. Can you guys fathom when I’m going to have two sets?

I was so nervous about sending out an email about this launch yesterday that I didn’t sit in prayer, I just started on my day. And it really affected me, and I didn’t come from a place of feeling that sense of okay-ness. And thank God, today I woke up feeling a lot better, and I get to begin again, and do something different that did not work yesterday — and being reminded how important my morning routine and the time that I spend in my home is to my entire workday. I can really get caught up in my head, in what’s going on around me, and I want to be grounded and rooted in this long tradition of faith.

I think for so long, as a single person, I thought to myself, “Once I’m married, once I have made it, in a sense, then I will be filled up.” But the reality is, I am married, and I have a business, and what I have today, I couldn’t have fathomed four years ago. But I still feel the exact same that I did four years ago. So how do I come from a place — how do I create a spiritual practice to open up, and open up my hands, in a way that allows God into my life, and allows me to feel like I can make changes in my life, so that it’s not a constant hustle.

So you see a rosary in her hand, and the Hail Mary, I would just wrapping it…

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