Why This Vegetarian Is Raising Chickens

Randy Orak doesn’t eat meat. But when he quit his job to spend more time outside, he found fulfillment in raising chickens on a farm.

Video Transcript

Randy quit his video job to be a farmer. His first gig was raising 150 chickens.

Randy: Got to see some beautiful sunsets, pulling the chickens at night, and sunrises on the farm, you know the fog rolling in through the pasture and the vegetable patch. It is just fulfilling to me.

I don’t really like chickens. They’re really like primal little dinosaur birds, and they poop where they eat, and they’re disgusting.

Randy is a vegetarian.

Randy: So any conditions, sun, wind, rain, that I had to get up there, and I would go up to the farm and walk out into the pasture and pull these chickens, and they’re all these little living beings. It was a fun experience being able to raise these birds up to maturity, and then get them processed, and eventually sell them to people who really appreciated it.

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