Unconventional Outdoor Hobbies to Try This Spring

Here are nine outdoor hobbies to get you excited for spring.

Winter, your days are numbered.

If you clicked on this article simply because of the mention of “warm weather” and “spring,” that’s understandable — we totally get it. But since you’re already here, why not peruse a bit further and begin imagining yourself basking in 75-degree temperatures? While we’re certainly fans of sippin’ iced tea in the sunshine, we’re also itching to get active after months of being cooped up indoors.

If you’re looking to try something new this year, here are nine unconventional warm weather hobbies to get you excited for spring.

Join a 5k running group

Getting back in shape is usually a goal we all have when we start pulling our old summer workout clothes out of storage. If motivating yourself to start running is difficult, consider joining a local running club! There’s nothing like comradery to push you another mile, so take a look at The Road Runners Club of America to choose a club in your hometown. Pro tip: recruit a friend to join with you for accountability!

Go to all your town’s festivals and fairs

Most towns have a parks and recreation department or an event planning group that organizes cool events for the community. From sports fests to music fests — basically any other “fest” you can imagine — why not take advantage and plan to hit up as many as possible this spring and summer? Nothing says summer more than walking around with friends while listening to live music and eating funnel cake, so check out your town’s event calendar to start marking your own.

Sign up for walking tours

If you live near the East Coast, you probably grew up in or near a historical town. Sometimes it’s easy to take these hundred-year-old landmarks for granted, but there’s always time to re-discover the charms of your hometown. Many historical towns have committees that organize walking tours. From stunning Victorian mansions to quaint colonial homes, impressive government buildings, old hotels and more, taking the afternoon to enjoy the warm weather while strolling through time is a lovely way to gain some hometown knowledge.

Start up an ultimate frisbee team

Before you write off ultimate frisbee as a sport for only university “bros,” try it yourself. Playing frisbee is a skill you can quickly improve and it involves the best kind of exercise: the kind you don’t realize you’re doing. So gather up your friends and friends-of-friends to start teams. Not sure how to play? Watch this video to learn the rules.

Go antiquing

If you love a good treasure hunt, a day of antiquing will be both relaxing and exciting. Spring is the best time to hit up your local antique shops because many of them have an outdoor area for their furniture and other large items. Whether you’re looking to redesign your home or you simply love scouring through old things for fun, antiquing is something you can do on your own or with a friend.

Become an outdoor brewery and biergarten expert

We all know someone who loves a good IPA and geeks out at locally brewed beers — maybe that person is you! If you want to impress your friends by always knowing where to grab a beer, consider becoming an expert in your city’s breweries and biergartens. Learn about the specialty beers they carry and test them all to find the best one! Outdoor biergartens allow for a more relaxed environment that takes advantage of the warm weather.

Finally try paintballing

Paintball combat might be scary, but it’s also a great way to create stories and memories together. This spring, take the plunge and give this exciting sport a chance! Google “outdoor paintball” and gather a few friends to share the experience with. Guaranteed, you’ll come away with more war stories than battle scars.

Give archery a shot

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s Robin Hood, archery may be a secret hobby you’ve always wanted to try. This is another activity that is exhilarating simply because it’s out of the ordinary and has always been on your bucket list. You also might even be surprised at your natural skill! Be sure to specify “outdoor range” in your Google search.

Get into astronomy

Stargazing is the perfect way to end a summer day, so why not invest a little more in this relaxing activity? Start by visiting your library or doing a bit of online research to learn more about astronomy. Then, use binoculars to get used to the night sky. Once you’re ready, read customer reviews before buying a telescope on Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist (this beginner’s guide to astronomy might prove helpful). If investing in equipment is too much, you might have a local observatory might offer public events, or share a stargazing app on your phone.

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