3 Pregnancy Loss Poems to Comfort Grieving Parents

Download these free pregnancy loss cards to show your loving support to grieving parents.

Experiencing the loss of a pregnancy or an infant changes everything. It’s a confusing kind of grief because there’s sorrow for loss in the here-and-now, and there’s also sorrow for what could have been. In addition, this kind of grief is often hidden because it takes place before the world has even had the chance to properly acknowledge the arrival of the child in the first place. 

If you’ve experienced this kind of grief, or are walking with someone who is mourning the loss of a pregnancy or child, it’s hard to find words that are up to the task. We found three poets who have crafted some language that might be useful — fill out the form below to download their poems in cards you can print off and offer as you show your support to someone who is mourning. 

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