Why 40 Days of Lent?

Why do Catholics go through 40 days of Lent? We asked these young adults — but can you guess the correct answer?

Video Transcript

Armando: I thought there was no more Sundays in Lent.

Derrell: It’s 40 days of Lent. So ain’t that mean they’re cherry picking the Sundays?

Lenten Trivia

Anna: Lent to said to last 40 days, even though the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter is 46 days. Why is this?

Brian: Do you know?

Sean: Oh boy.

Brian: I know.

Maria: Okay, so …

Derrell: I was thinking it’s because it’s supposed to be representing Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness. So we got 40 days for Lent.

Coty: Do you get the weekends off or something?

Anna: Oh, is it Sundays don’t count?


Anna: The Sundays don’t count.

Joey: Oh.

Brian: Yeah.

Sean: Do you know why that is?

Armando: I thought it has to do with Good Friday.

Sean: You can cheat on your Lenten, whatever you promised to give up on Sunday. I don’t know if that’s because God rested on Sunday or I don’t know.

Brian: No, I think that’s in the Bible. “You can cheat.”


Anna: Every Sunday’s a little Easter.


Anna: Yeah.

Joey: Oh.

Anna: My mom would be so proud.

Bonus Question

Lester: Which is the last Sunday of Lent?

Tara: A) Palm Sunday.

Brian: B) Gaudete Sunday.

Lea: Or C) the Triduum.

Anna: This is a tough one.

Sean: I’m not gonna lie. I only know what Palm Sunday is.

Derrell: Oh yeah.

Armando: There are no Sundays of Lent. It doesn’t even count. That’s a trick question.

Derrell: What do you mean? It’s 40 Days of Lent, we’re not talkin’ about—

Armando: You just said there’s 40 days, but there’s no Sundays.

Derrell: What do you mean?

Brian: Because the Triduum is the Holy Thursday, Good Friday and uh…

Sean: Oh yeah. Yeah.

Brian: Holy Saturday? Holy Saturday.


Lea: When do we celebrate Gaudete though?

Anna: Oh, that’s the third one in Advent, isn’t it?


Derrell: I thought Palm Sunday was when Jesus came in on the donkey. Y’all remember that, right? That’s Palm Sunday and that is the last Sunday in Lent, because I went to Catholic school. A.


A: Palm Sunday is the final Sunday of Lent.

Armando: All right, wait. Okay, Palm Sunday’s before Easter. Okay, that makes sense.

Derrell: That’s Easter Sunday you’re talkin’ about, man.

Armando: I was thinking— I was thinking— I was messed up.

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