What is Ash Wednesday? Catholic Trivia

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent and falls on Valentine’s Day in 2018. How does your Lenten knowledge stack up against these young adults’?

Video Transcript

Armando: Ash Wednesday’s on Valentine’s Day?

Durrell: Yeah, it’s the 14th.

Armando: Oh shoot. I didn’t know that.

Durrell: So when you get the ashes on the forehead, kiss her on the cheek.

Armando: Yeah.

Lenten Trivia

Lea: Why do we get ashes on our forehead?

Sean: A. As a sign that we have received all the sacraments and are members of the Church.

Joey: B. As an expression of sorrow for sins and a promise to resist temptation.

Maria: C. As proof we went to Mass that day.

Brian: Well, I know it’s not the last one.

Armando: ‘C’ is what most of my family did. You go in the morning. You go to school. I’m holy for the day.

Durrell: Right, you know, I know you went. I know you went.

Armando: Yeah.

Robert: I’m gonna say it’s proof we went to Mass.

Randy: Kinda like a stamp at the bar.


Joey: Is there like an ‘all of the above’ choice by chance?

Lester: ‘A’ seems the more fulfilling…

Coty: Yeah.

Lester: Of the choices.


Coty: Oh no!

Lester: Ahhhh.

Durrell: I’m gonna go with ‘B,’ as an expression of sorrow for the sins and the promise to resist temptation.

Grotto: Are you sure about that?

Durrell: Nope, but you know what? That’s what I’m going with.

Grotto: You got it.

Durrell: I did it!

Armando: That was a good… I like that.

Lea: B.

Walt: C.

Lea: No, it’s ‘B.’

Walt: I know it’s ‘B.’

Lea: Okay, it’s ‘B.’


Maria: Because you haven’t all received the sacraments so … it’s definitely ‘B.’


Bonus Question!

Robert: How are the ashes from Ash Wednesday made? It’s not a sous vide.

Brian: A. From burning palms from the previous Palm Sunday.

Lester: B. They are taken from the church furnace as a symbol of the parish community.

Armando: And C. From a fire where individuals burned personal prayer intentions. I thought it was gonna say ‘from a fire where individuals burn.’

Durrell: Right! I was like hold up!

Lester: You know what they say, when in doubt, Charlie it out.

Coty: So what does that mean?

Lester: I think it’s ‘C.’

Coty: You think it’s ‘C’?

Durrell: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

Joey: I feel like ‘A’ is very eco-friendly.


Sean: I’m gonna have to go with ‘A.’

Brian: Absolutely ‘A,’ come on.


Maria and Tara: A.


Durrell: It landed on ‘B.’

Lea: Yes, yes ‘A.’

Walt: I know it’s ‘A.’


Lester: ‘C.’


Coty: No! Wait, wait, wait. Is it ‘A’?


Coty: Okay, okay so at least our second choice.

Ashes are made by burning the palms from the previous Palm Sunday.

Lester: Coty, why didn’t you just say it?

Coty: Either way, I didn’t know.

Lester: You could have said it.

Coty: I didn’t know either way, sorry!

Lester: We’re losing here Coty, you gotta bring it. You gotta bring it.

We’re in this together. Lent.

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