Basilica vs Cathedral: What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between a cathedral and a basilica? We asked these young adults in this week’s episode of Catholic 101.

Video Transcript

Robert: What is the difference between a cathedral and a basilica?

Randy: Spelling, for one.

Robert: Very observant mind, Randy.

Catholic 101. Vocabulary: Cathedral vs. Basilica.

Channing: Alright, I think I’ve been to both.

Elly: It has to do with relics.

Channing: There’s no difference.

Randy: Is just a cathedral any Catholic church?

Katie: Like the main church of the diocese almost.

Gina: But I know that a cathedral is where the bishop’s chair is.

Grotto: Cathedral: Home church of a bishop.

Grotto: Knowing that, what do you think a basilica is?

LeShane: A basilica is a place that the Pope has visited.

Francois: So can you say basilicas are like the cathedral of cathedrals?

Grotto: Basilica. Designated by the Pope because of its spiritual, historical, and/or architectural significance.

Channing: I don’t know.

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