Steps to Sainthood: The Canonization Process

How does a person become a saint? There are four main steps in the process. Can you guess the correct order?

Video Transcript

Speaker 1: 15 seconds.

Leesa: What?

Speaker 2: Ready? When I say-

Leesa: I ain’t never been quick.

Catholic 101 Steps to Sainthood

How to Play: Correctly order the sainthood process in under 15 seconds.

Sara: All right. Um…

Trae: Oh!

Dakai: You’re right, you’re right. 

Sean: Blessed. Um…

Joe: Oh. Venerable, blessed, saint.

Brandon: Yeah.



Dain: Yeah!

Sarah: Yeah! Oh, I missed.

Speaker 3: Correct.


Dakai: Yeah.

Sean: Let’s go.

Servant of God: Someone’s cause for sainthood is accepted by the Vatican and they begin an investigation. 

Venerable: The Vatican approves the application and declares the person lived with heroic virtue. 

Blessed: One miracle is attributed to the person’s intercession. 

Saint: Two miracles are attributed to the person’s intercession and they are lifted up as an example of holiness for the worldwide Church.

Leesa: Say that word. Yeah, see, I don’t even know what that means, so we’re going to switch this because maybe…

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