“The Clamour of the Heart”

Read "The Clamour of the Heart", a poem about finding silence.

Click, click, click…
Click, click…

Just listen a while
To the punch of the keys
The beating of the drums
The pounding of nails
The bleeding, burning of Hearts
When He walks into the room
Everything is still…

But, if you lean in, and listen
Real close…

You can hear the clamour of their hearts.

Maybe it was never about the words
Maybe it was never about us
Because the silence between my ears
And the winter in my lungs
Have begun to thaw
Because the silence was cold
But the Clamour burns and
Bleeds and beats

                        And wakes us up to our alive-ness.

It’s the violent tackle
From the Father that is welcoming
You back Home.
Never forget that He will always chase down
Your runaway heart
And play the symphony that you have been waiting
To hear
So punch away at the keys
Because you’re going to realize
That your humanity lies in the word made Flesh…
And He dwells in the

So, Dear Beloved… Listen.

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