“Matthew 18:20”

This poem, about looking for God, talks about imagining God in everyday things.

Matthew 18:20

When You come where we are gathered:

Do You come like the smoke from a
blown out flame, seen when the light
catches it just right?

Or do You sit in the back among the pews,
among Your children and watch us proudly
as a mother, as a father does?

Do You stand at the altar
with the Priest or Pastor
and extend Your arms to

Are You smiling?

I know You are there. Perhaps
as a mist on a lake in the
early morning

Or a low hanging cloud?
So that every time
we breathe
we breathe You in.

Maybe You are multiple.
And to each of us You come,
gently resting beside us as we pray
and clapping along as we praise.

The corner of my eye catches
a sudden flare of light
through the glass in the door
and it blinds my breath.

That must be You too.

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