Voices of Synod 2018 | Maryssa Gabriel

Why find joy in the struggle? Maryssa Gabriel explains the (sometimes challenging) journey of the spiritual life and why it’s totally worth the ultimate reward: heaven.

“The struggle is real — but worthwhile,” she shares.

Video Transcript:

Maryssa Gabriel: I think young people today are looking for a mission; they’re looking for a challenge. Struggling isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I think most young people know that. We struggle in our exams. We struggle in sports, and it pays off. So I think in the spiritual life it’s the same thing, except the game that we’re competing in is, you know, the prize is eternal life. So, what more could we ask for?
Grotto: Would you say that the struggle is real?
Maryssa Gabriel: Yes. The struggle is real. But worthwhile.

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