What is a Monstrance?

We asked these young adults if they know what a ‘monstrance’ is — do you? Hint: it’s not a monster.

Video Transcript

Randy: Monstrance.

Francois: I have never seen this word in my life.

Channing” Sounds like monster.

Randy: Callin’ Cotton.

Robert: Call Cotton.

Rachel M: Sounds like monster…in a trance.

Robert: Fifteen seconds.

Randy: Fifteen seconds. We need to define— It’s ‘monstrance.’

Man on the phone: Super big monster.

Francois: The candles?


Channing: Is it the water? You know how they have…


Robert: Candles.


Gina: This is where the Eucharist is.

Tommy: No, I think it is. It’s like the big thing—

Katie: Yeah.

Tommy: …with the spiky edges.

Katie: Yeah, for adoration.

Tommy: For adoration, yeah.

Katie: Yeah.


Gina: Consecrated Eucharist.


Grotto: Monstrance: the ornate receptacle in which a consecrated host is placed so that Jesus in the form on bread can be adored.

Natural and Francois: Ohhh!

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