What Is a Sacristy?

In this episode of Catholic101, we asked these young adults if they can guess the definition of ‘sacristy.’ Can you? Here’s a hint: you can find one in every Catholic church.

Video Transcript

Natural: That’s the only hint? Do you have a hint, behind-the-camera guy?

Catholic 101. Vocabulary: Sacristy

Randy: All right. So are you ready?

Robert: Ready.

Rachel M.: You can say it.

LeShane: Yeah, sacristy.

Robert: Do we have to show them?

LeShane: Definition: it’s again, ladies first.

Rachel M.: Um.

Robert: I would say it has to do with the sacrifice of Christ.


Channing: It’s not the confession place, is it?


Francois: No idea.

Natural: I think we’re getting colder.

Kevin: I want to say it’s the chapel, like when we go to the chapel.

Gina: Yeah, it’s in the—


Randy: Piece of artwork or like a statue?

Robert: Right, some type of—


Tommy: Is that where the priest dresses before mass, is that what that is?


Tommy: Sweet!

Grotto: Sacristy: the room in the church where the priests vest for Mass and other services and where the sacred vessels are kept.

Natural: Ooh.

Francois: Ooh.

Natural: That was a good one.

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