Blessed Carlo Acutis Spotify Playlist | #GrottoMusic

Who was Blessed Carlos Acutis? Listen to this Spotify playlist that was inspired by his life.

On October 12, we remember Blessed Carlo Acutis, an Italian teenager who is likely to become the first canonized saint of the millennial generation.

Carlo was born in 1991 — he played the PlayStation and programmed websites, loved soccer and ice cream, and enjoyed making people laugh. He lived his life guided by faith.

He cared deeply for the people in his life. Not only did Carlo help friends with their homework, but he also helped classmates who were being bullied, who had parents going through divorce, and who were struggling with drug and pornography addictions. He volunteered his time to serve the homeless and elderly in his community.

Carlo felt called to share his faith with the larger world. Beginning at age 11, he used his computer skills to develop websites that shared information on miracles, angels, and appearances of Mary. His witness inspired many to grow in faith, including his own mother.

In the summer of 2006, Carlo was diagnosed with an advanced stage of leukemia. When he learned recovery was unlikely, he offered his sufferings as a prayer. Carlo died on October 10, 2006, just a few months after his diagnosis. He was 15 years old.

After his death, many reported miracles they believed were due to Carlo’s intercession — one boy’s prayer was answered in a dramatic fashion when his pancreas suddenly healed from a genetic malformation after asking for Carlo’s help. In October 2020, he was beatified “Blessed Carlo.”

This collection of 90s/00s rock songs highlights music Carlo might have listened to in his lifetime. While these songs capture a snapshot in time, they also explore the experiences Carlo and all of us share: searching for meaning, supporting our friends through their challenges, grappling with the loss of loved ones, and embracing the (thrilling, awkward, challenging) journey through adolescence.

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