Voices of Synod 2018 | Briana Regina Santiago

This Synod has been about balancing the voice of young people with the wisdom of those before us, explains Synod auditor Briana Santiago.

“We’re youthful, and we have enthusiasm and energy and creativity and ideas,” she shares. “But there’s also great wisdom that comes with time.”

Video Transcript

Briana Regina Santiago: I think a lot of times we hide behind the fear that what we say will be judged or not accepted, and I think that’s a huge lie. I would encourage youth to speak their needs and their desires in the hopes that they will be met.

From the side of the clergy of the Church, just in experiencing the fruitfulness of this synod, I would hope that they bring that out into their dioceses. As beautiful as this synod is, if it doesn’t come down to the local level, then young people won’t be met where they’re at.

We’re youthful, and we have enthusiasm, and energy, and creativity, and ideas, and all of that is very good and should be used. But there’s also great wisdom that comes with time. Let us not forget those before us that have so much to offer.

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