Get Pumped for Football and Faith This Weekend

Here at Grotto, we’re committed to walking with you, wherever you may find yourself. But we aren’t coming to you out of the abstract, blue sky — we are striving to live out our Catholic faith in a specific place, just like you. Our place happens to be the University of Notre Dame.

Of course, football figures prominently in the imaginations of everyone who works here, and our game day traditions remind us of what it’s like to go to Mass. In both contexts, a community comes together to celebrate, and certain rituals — from the clothes we wear to the sights and smells of the day to the songs we sing — connect us together as one body.

Our Grotto team developed this invitation to Mass that will be played on the big screen in Notre Dame stadium during football games this season, and we wanted to share it with you. Wherever you are this weekend, consider adding Mass to the traditions of your game day experience. No matter if you’re one of the Fighting Irish or Trojans or Golden Eagles, we’re all Catholic, and the Mass is the best way we have to offer thanks for all of God’s gifts.

Whatever sideline we cheer from on Saturday, and whether we win or lose, celebrating the Lord’s day together on Sunday makes a difference in our lives. Find a Mass time and location near you and join us in prayer!

Video Transcript

Announcer: We are gathered here together from every corner and crossing, one family, bound by tradition, emboldened by faith. You are called, you are known, and you are loved.

Rev. Joe Carey, C.S.C.: On behalf of the priests and brothers of the congregation of Holy Cross at the University of Notre Dame, I invite you to join us for mass tonight after the game.

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