Bearded Blevins Fortnite Stream Aims to Change the World

Jonathan Blevins knows a thing or two about streaming and playing Fortnite — Ninja is his brother. He uses his stream to build a welcoming and nontoxic community online and share his faith.

“I like to think: ‘Ever ancient, ever new.’ And now we’re asking the question, ‘Where are people at?'” he shares. “And whether you like it or not, many of them are online watching people play video games. And so the Gospel belongs there, as well.”

Video Transcript

Chicago, Illinois: for the Blevins brothers, Fortnite is more than a game.

Jonathan Blevins: Jesus — what did He do when He walked around? He went to where people were spending their time. He met people where they were at.

Teammate off-screen: Absolutely, yes!

Jon: Let’s go, dude…

Teammate: Swear to me!

Jon: (laughs)

Movie critics hated Bane as a villain. I thought he depicted evil better than anyone else because there was just no reason for it.

Jon live streams 10-15 hours a week. He’s building a positive, nontoxic stream community.

Okay so here’s a question, you guys: What is the reason that you watch this stream, and why do you hang out in this community? Share that now and I’ll read some of the answers.

(Spoken while playing a game) Let’s go, dude.

Teammate: Woo!

Jon: Allthatjazz4 says, “I can’t really articulate it, but being here makes me happy, and I feel more optimistic, even when I’m stressed from life.”

“This community makes me feel like family… What you said about my cousin is amazing… Motivates me to better my own faith… I was brought back to faith… I watch the stream because Jon is a positive person that…”

Dude — I wasn’t ready for this okay? I hear stories like that, but you never know if you’re still making a difference, and so that was cool. God is good. Yeah.

Saint Paul Catholic Church: Jon’s childhood parish.

My brothers and I, we’re just super goofy. There was just sometimes, it just got contagious, and it got out of hand. We’re going to call this the old spot right here. This is probably 50 percent of the time — hitting my brothers on both sides, getting moved.

My brother is Ninja — literally, the most popular streamer on the planet.

Ninja: I’m super proud of what my older brother does.

Chris Blevins: I’m Jon’s younger brother. I’m super proud of what he’s been doing. I hope him all the best, man — he’s awesome.

Ninja: It’s honestly just really inspiring, and I kind of look to do that same thing as well.

Jon: It was actually in a conversation with him and with his awesome wife, Jess, where they were like, “Hey Jon, you would be good at this, too. And you could use it to share Jesus with other people.”

Jon is director of evangelization and formation at St. James Catholic Church.

And I think they know I’m serious. At the end of every stream, I pray for everyone in my stream and for their intentions, and then even ones that aren’t listed — and I think they know that and trust that, too.

You know what? In the Dark Knight Rises, there are people who choose good, and there are people who choose evil, and then there are people who stay in their homes. Those are called moral relativists. The Lord says in Revelation, “If you are lukewarm, I’ll spit you out of my mouth. I’d rather you be hot or cold.” And so many people chose nothing in that Batman movie. Man, what a movie.

I like to think: “Ever ancient, ever new.” And now, we’re asking the question, “Where are people at?” And whether you like it or not, many of them are online watching people play video games. And so the Gospel belongs there as well.

Teammate: There’s a wall right here?

Jon: I see someone comin’ up. I see someone comin’ up — marshmallow.


Teammate: Oh, let’s go!

Jon: Dude, that was a snowboarder — are you kidding me? Somebody clip it.

Teammate: Off the snowboard, are you serious?

Jon: Off the snowboard dude, going full blast.

Teammate: Bro, let’s get it.

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