Good and Decent: A Podcast by Grotto

We’ve been working on this podcast for a long time, and we’re excited to finally drop our first episode next week — on April 13! This trailer will give you a good idea of what you can expect from Good and Decent.

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“Being good and decent in today’s wild, wild world is truly a radical act. It’s hard to do, but we believe that it’s very much worth it.”

Video Transcript

Grotto Presents 

Good and Decent 

Sara Thoms: Hi everyone. I’m Sara Thoms.

Javi Zubizarreta: And I’m Javi Zubizarreta.

Sara: And this is Good and Decent.

Javi: A podcast by Grotto Network.

Sara: We are so excited to bring this podcast to you. We’ve been working on this for so long and we’ve encountered lots of obstacles along the way, including what to name a podcast.

Javi: And also the fact that we did this in a pandemic and we’ve never met each other.

Sara: That’s true. That’s a big one, too. Yeah. Luckily, Javi thought of a great name: Good and Decent. Nice and short, easy to remember.

Javi: We really are just setting the bar for what this podcast is going to be. It’s going to be good and decent.

Sara: Or somewhere between good and decent on any given day. Actually, we really believe and know and trust that there is a deeper meaning to those words, and we hope that you see that unfold.

Javi: Being good and decent in today’s wild, wild world is truly a radical act. It’s hard to do, but we believe that it’s very much worth it.

Sara: And as you’ve come to expect from Grotto Network, we will be telling stories of people living boldly.

Javi: And we’re asking ourselves the big questions: Where do I go? What’s going on? I’m lost, I’m scared, I’m afraid. All those hard questions

Sara: So since we don’t have the answers ourselves, we’re looking to Grotto stories for inspiration as we find our way, and hopefully, as you find yours.

Javi: Yes. And even though we’ve been recording this pod from our homes during quarantine, we are going far into the world, and into the universe, even. Our first episode is going to go all the way to black holes and the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

Sara: And when we get there, we’re going to talk about the very deeply human experiences of wonder, awe, generosity, and so much more.

Javi: So look for the first episode. It will be dropping in your feeds a week from today.

April 13

Sara: We promise that tuning in will be worth it because being good and decent is worth it.

Javi: And also because you’re worth it.

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