Bible Characters Party Game

How well do you know these biblical characters? These young adults play a word guessing game to put their Catholic Bible study knowledge to the test.

Video Transcript

Sunday School Games: Men of the Bible

Noah: Ready, set, go.

Answer: Moses

Natural: I part the Red Sea.

Quinlan: Moses.

Natural: Boom.

Answer: Jonah

Cecilia: Um, the whale.

Joe: The whale.

Jackie: I was gonna say Pinocchio…

Becky: In the Old Testament.

Jackie: …But that’s not right.

Answer: Sampson

Noah: Ooo, my hair. It’s so powerful. I don’t want to cut it.

Brian: Oh my gosh, who is this guy? Sampson.

Noah: Yep.

Becky: It’s kind of like the name of this one show with the yellow people.

Jackie: Oh, the Minions.

Becky: No, no, no.

Jackie: The Teletubbies.

Becky: The older one.

Answer: John the Baptist

Cecilia: The last prophet. The river and the guy—

Gil: John the Baptist?

Cecilia: Yeah.

Noah: The river, Jesus, (hand motions) sp-sp-sp-sp. Holy Spirit. Dove.

Brian: What’s happening? Toss it.

Answer: Sampson

Jackie: Oh my gosh, the Simpsons.

Becky: Yeah, but it’s like that, but the guy.

Jackie: I’m sorry. Homer!

Becky: No, not Homer.

Jackie: Wait, Bart?

Answer: Noah

Cecilia: Big boat.

Natural: Someone’s ark.

Quinlan: Noah’s Ark.

Natural: Boom! Let’s go, baby!

Answer: Sampson

Jackie: Oh, Sampson.

Becky: Yeah.

Jackie: Oh my gosh.

Answer: Jesus

Joe: Our Lord and savior.

Brandon: Jesus?

Joe: Amen.


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