New Year’s Day Spotify Playlist | #GrottoMusic

Listen to this New Year's playlist for a better 2021 (hopefully).

The start of every new year offers us the opportunity to reflect on the life we’ve lived in the past 365 days. Each of us has experienced our own highs and lows. We have goals that we set and achieved alongside our share of mishaps. 

Sometimes we can put too much pressure on a new year. We can think a new year means that suddenly everything will change — that we will magically become our best selves and all of last year’s problems will disappear.

While a new year doesn’t guarantee instant transformation, we hope this playlist can help you embrace the year with a renewed spirit of joy and sense of conviction. Listen to this playlist as you go about your new year activities — maybe trying a new workout, tidying that messy space, filling out your planner, or dancing in your living room. Take some time to celebrate all that you have accomplished and look forward to the future with hope.

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