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Saint Stephen Spotify playlist for the feast day of Saint Stephen the Martyr.

The Feast Day of St. Stephen the Martyr is celebrated on December 26.

Stephen worked as a deacon for the early Christian church, caring for poor widows.

He is regarded as the first martyr of Christianity — he was stoned for working “”signs and wonders”” in the name of Jesus Christ.

As he died, he exclaimed, “Lord Jesus, receive my Spirit.”

The sole primary source on St. Stephen’s life is Acts of the Apostles Chapters 6–8.

He is the patron saint of deacons, headaches, horses, and Owensboro, Kentucky — among other things.

Get to know more about St. Stephen’s life through the playlist below — featuring music by Andra Day and NEEDTOBREATHE, and highlighting themes of service, forgiveness, and being an example.

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