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St. Andrew Spotify Playlist featuring Saint Andrew wearing headphones for Grotto Music

St. Andrew’s feast day is celebrated on November 30.

The name “Andrew” means “manhood, valor.”

He was the older brother of Simon (later named Simon Peter) and was the first apostle to follow Jesus.

Andrew began as a disciple of St. John the Baptist, who revealed Jesus to be the Messiah. It was St. Andrew who brought Simon Peter to Jesus.

After the Resurrection, St. Andrew proclaimed the Gospel throughout the region of modern day Greece and Turkey until his martyrdom.

St. Andrew was crucified on an “X”-shaped cross. Christian tradition holds that St. Andrew requested this shape because he deemed himself unworthy of the same cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on.

St. Andrew is the patron saint of fishermen and singers. He is also the patron saint to several countries including: Scotland, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine.

Get to know more about St. Andrew through this #GrottoMusic playlist inspired by his life — featuring My Morning Jacket, Lord Huron, and more!

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