Two Truths and a Lie: St. Bibiana

DJs, hangovers, and torture victims — which is St. Bibiana *not* the patron saint of? These young adults take their best guesses.

Video Transcript

LeShane: She doesn’t have on any shoes. (Laughs)

Two Truths and a Lie: Featuring St. Bibiana.

Channing: Oh, Saint Bibiana.

LeShane: She is the patron saint of DJs.

Rachel S.: (Beatboxing) Bibiana.

Elly: The patron saint of hangovers? What?

LeShane: She is the patron saint of torture victims.

Guess the lie.

Francois: So many Catholics drink, so this is possible. (Laughs)

LeShane: DJs? Did they have DJs?

Rachel M.: Like … Yeah.

Robert: They used to cut it up back then, man.

Sarah: The DJs, is that the lie?


Sarah: Oh my gosh, we did it. (High-five)

Tommy: I’m going with DJs.


Francois: She’s the patron saint of DJs? That’s a lie.


Natural: Nice. There we go. Good deductive skills, man.

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