Voices of Synod 2018 | Brian Rhude

What are young people looking for in the Church? Brian Rhude explains the difference of a church that walks with you instead of dragging you — and why he sees #Synod2018 as a time for young people to speak up.

“We can’t just sit here and wait passively,” he shares. “We have this chance; we have to act.”

Video Transcript

Brian Rhude: For once, it feels like we don’t have to go run a marathon to go find the church. The church is coming to us, here.

I think what young people are looking for is someone to listen, someone to accompany them. But not someone that’s going to say “I’m older than you, I know what I’m doing,” and kind of grab you by the collar and drag you.

As opposed to, you know, I have experienced Christ, but so have you, and your life isn’t my life. Let’s walk together, let’s figure this out, and let’s try to make each other saints.

We can’t just sit here and wait passively. We have this chance, we have to act, and it’s right here, so why not?

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