6 Apps for Daily Spiritual Mindfulness

These 6 catholic prayer apps will help you use your phone for daily spiritual mindfulness.
We’ve all heard of the negative ways that cell phones can impact us. From being a source of constant distraction to causing more stress in our days than relieving it, most of us are aware that we could benefit from giving ourselves a little space from our phones.

And yet, we feel the nagging weight of unanswered messages and red notifications whenever we’re away from our devices. It may even feel as if our profession demands us to be attached to our phones 24/7.

While one way to address this mindset is certainly to limit our screen time, there are also ways of using our phones that work toward building healthier habits.

By using our phone in this way, we take control of the influence it has on us and use the resource we have at our very fingertips to better our daily lives.

From apps to alarms, here’s a few different ways to use your phone as a tool for spiritual growth.

  1. Reimagining the Examen
  2. This app is a wonderful way to slow down your day and enjoy a quiet but prayerfully productive moment. Inspired by St. Ignatius’s 500-year-old prayer, this app provides brief, guided meditations — which is helpful when your mind is prone to wandering.

  3. Pray as You Go
  4. As the name indicates, this app is especially helpful for those of us who feel like our day gets away from us. It offers new prayer podcasts each day featuring reflections on the daily readings that are great for centering our focus during the drive to work or walk to class.

  5. The Vatican News
  6. It can be difficult sometimes to stay up-to-date on national or even local news, so it’s not surprising when things happening across the ocean slip under our radar. This app, otherwise known as the “Pope App,” is a great resource for checking in on current Vatican news. It’s always good to know what Papa Francisco is up to!

  7. Laudate
  8. This app has it all. From Liturgy of the Hours to the Order of the Mass to every prayer you’ve ever wanted to pray (but haven’t gotten around to memorizing), this app has you covered. It’s been given the title “#1 Catholic App” on iTunes for a reason!

  9. Bible
  10. Typing ‘bible’ into the App Store will generate hundreds of results. They’re worth exploring, but you can’t go wrong with the basic “Bible” app. It will most likely be the first to come up and have the most reviews (as in 1.14 million). While it’s great to have a physical copy, the app can be an easy way to access Scripture (aka a daily dose of inspiration) on the go.

  11. Alarm
  12. No need to download this one. For most people, the alarm is a dreaded icon, but it can also be a tool to help start our mornings off on the right foot. By setting our alarm 10–15 minutes earlier (or five minutes or a whole hour, whatever you choose), we can change our morning mindset. Some people like to start with a morning Scripture reflection, others might do some journaling. Experiment with a few different options and find what brings the most joy and peace to your morning (tip: if it feels like a hassle, find something else!).

The ubiquitous presence of phones may seem unavoidable, but how we use them is up to us. Allow your phone to be a positive influence on your spiritual life by trying out one of these apps today!

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