Read "Chaff", a poem about death and then being purified and refined.

In the end, when it is all over,
when the fire has burned out,
and the breath of the world returns in one swift gasp,
Only then will I trust you,
Only then will I let you light the spark that will burn forever in my soul.

Only then, when announced to me by your messenger,
the word of my own baptism in fire,
will my remaining spirit say,
“please, let it be done unto me whatever you will”,
“let it be your way not mine”,
Burn the chaff from my body
and save the inner child longing to hold your hand.

Pluck the roots out of my heart that were not planted by you,
and allow my heart to inflame with the love of my forebears,
the ones who bore the earth upon their knees.

Allow your mother to swaddle me up and bring me into your presence
when I am finally ready to join my burning heart to yours.

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