Is it Wrong to be Bored at Mass?

Not into the homily? That doesn’t mean you’re wasting your time sitting in the pew! In this edition of #HowToCatholic, Fr. Pat Reidy explains how to make the most of being bored at Mass.

Video Transcript

Father Pat Reidy: Hey buddy. Center aisle, third pew from the back. Yeah, I see you. Bored out of your mind.

Listen, I’m not about to tell you that you’re wrong to be bored. Pray as I might, some of my homilies are snoozers. But instead of giving up on me and the Mass, maybe you could use that time intentionally.

When I would get bored at Mass, daydreaming during Father’s homily, I learned to stop and pay attention to the moment.

In this space, I found where God was calling my heart. Family, friends, work, scriptures and songs from my past would all flood through me. All of these thoughts shaped my faith and called me towards simple acts of love.

This daydreaming — it can glorify the Lord in your life.

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