This Company Gives People a Second Chance at Life

Vince Hicks was given a second chance when he was hired by Purposeful Design — a furniture company on a mission to change lives and transform the world. “When you sit back and look at the whole picture — the picture that God’s trying to make — it’s beautiful,” he shares about the men he works with.

Video Transcript

Vince Hicks: You know all of this is God’s creation. All I’m doing is re-creating something that He’s already created.

Purposeful Design is a furniture company that hires people in need of second chances.

Vince: I didn’t take advantage of school. I was too busy runnin’ them streets. I’m thankful I’m here because not only do I get to produce, I get to create. And I get to create with my hands. I’ve grown to love it.

Vince: I get to see things that other people don’t really see. I get to see the depth in the grain when I shoot it. I get to see the gloss of the lathe hit the table top.

Vince puts the finishing touches on every furniture product that goes out.

Vince: This is barn wood. Each of these individual boards by themselves is just an ugly piece of wood, but together they just bring together a beautiful picture.

You put a bunch of lives together, circled around Christ, there’s still a lot of broken people, but when you sit back and you look at the whole picture — the picture that God’s trying to make — it’s beautiful.

These men have faced incarceration, homelessness, addiction, and more.

Vince: There’s a lot of cold, hard guys out here that could never see them working at a place like this. Loving and hugging and crying with one another. So we’re a bunch of softies, but we’re also lions when we need to be all for the will of God.

Crew member: Hey, it is the break time.

The crew stops every day at 10 a.m. to pray together.

Vince: Even though it’s hot. Even though we’re bothered. Even though we lack patience, Father, you lack nothing. So give us the qualities that we need the most this day. And give us the courage to be bold when we proclaim the name of Christ to anybody. We thank you for each and every one of our testimonies. We just thank you, Father. In Jesus’ precious, holy name. Amen.

Crew: Amen.

Through spiritual formation and fellowship, Vince and his crew are rebuilding their lives.

Vince: God created this one tree or these sets of trees for us to mill and finish and put together and sell this awesome furniture.

Vince to his family: What’s up?

Vince: I just take it one day at a time. I just try to strive for saying ‘yes’ to God when the moments come and truly seeking Christ in everything that I do and taking time out to sit back and appreciate how far God has brought me.
God created it. All we do is put it together.

Live bold. (Church bells)

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