Artist Brings Beauty to Skid Row

Free Humanity was commissioned to bring beauty to Skid Row in Los Angeles. “My art is me — it’s my heart and soul, really,” explains the artist who chooses to keep his identity a secret. His art gives brightness and boldness to a world full of darkness — and doesn’t expect anything in return.

Video Transcript

Narrator: You take some spray paint to a wall, and you’re called a vandal. But what if that paint’s got soul behind it? Ideas and hope to be shared with the world? And what if that paint adds up to a work of art for a neighborhood most would rather ignore? What happens when you give the world beauty?

Free Humanity: Looking at art, it’s somebody’s mind on that wall or on that canvas. My art is me. It’s like my heart and soul, really. I don’t even classify it as street, public, or whatever. I’m just making art, trying to express myself however possible.

Narrator: Free Humanity keeps his identity a secret. It’s not about the glory. His work is bold, colorful, and offered up to a world that’s got a lot of darkness. It’s painting with a purpose: to give and not ask or expect reward.

Free Humanity: All I have to say to anybody is life is short. Live every single day and just try to be happy. Giving people love and doing loving things for a community or people in need are more upliftful than any kind of love you can receive. We get lost in needing so much it’s hard to give. As soon as we start to give, it feels good, and it’s uplifting to our soul.

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