Serving Natural Remedies for Healing and Health

Suzanne Konnersman was in a severe accident as a child and suffered a spinal injury. Now she runs a small business providing natural foods and herbal therapies to people in need of healing.

“We want people to be healthy,” she shares. “We want to help others be good stewards of their bodies.”

Video Transcript

Meet Suzanne: Natural healer

Oldenburg, Indiana

Suzanne Konnersman: I feel called to be open to acknowledge and affirm everyone who God sends into my life and just say, “I see you. I respect who you are and where you are, and what can I do in my little way to just help you take a step closer to God?”

Suzanne’s business makes natural foods and herbal therapies.

Speaker 2: This is a green sauerkraut, and this is the red.

Suzanne: We want people to be healthy. We want to help others to be good stewards of our bodies.

I just made a batch of salve, a traditional medicine, and I would even go so far as to say a food for the skin. It’s been a big part of my healing, and I think it is for a lot of people with our various injuries and wounds to be able to share what medicine or methods are helping with others.

Suzanne was in a severe accident at age 17. 

Starting this cafe has been tremendously helpful in my recovery from having a spinal injury. It’s helped me to get in touch with my gifts that God gave me that haven’t been changed by the fact that I cannot walk. Even just talking with people and encouraging people and making little homemade brews and medicines and things that are little.

How do you find your gifts and find your place? To realize that we’re children of God, that it’s who we are, not so much what we do. Yes, He’s given us all of these faculties to do amazing things, but to remember that He’s first and if suddenly part of your ability is taken away, that doesn’t take away from who you are, and you can still find a way to serve Him, even if it’s small. Sometimes it can turn out to be a lot bigger than what you expected.

Growing up, I think we all experienced that — not feeling like you fit in or that you’re acknowledged or welcomed, and so we strive to kind of keep that balance of respecting just what that person needs, but that they’re welcome and they’re part of something here. They’re part of a community space.

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