Stunning Street Art in Paradise, California

In 2018, a wildfire destroyed Paradise, CA. Thousands lost their homes and were displaced. Shane Grammer is bringing beauty back to the area with his stunning street art.

“I want to make art that touches people, challenges people, and moves them,” he shares.

Video Transcript

In 2018, a forest fire destroyed Paradise, California. Thousands lost their homes and were displaced.

Shane Grammer: This is not an easy place to drive around. Drive around this area, and you want to pull over and cry. It’s heavy. People have been devastated.

So I’m going through Paradise, and I’m finding locations that I can paint on. I’m really trying to bring beauty in the ashes. I grew up with at least two dozen friends that live in Paradise that lost their homes in the fire. I’ve had a love for street art ever since I was around 19 years old. And that’s missions trips to Mexico, painting murals in orphanages. It’s been in my heart for years to do artwork in areas that are really bringing hope and joy to the downcast and brokenhearted.

Shane paints murals to commemorate the community.

God created me to be a creator, and He’s with me when I’m creating artwork. The Holy Spirit is with me. I really believe He’s guiding me and He’s speaking to me. I usually paint portraits of women, and it’s all based off of the book in the Bible, Song of Solomon.

That’s cool.

And God changed my family’s life. So I’ve been a Christian since I was about 8 years old, but still with a lot of brokenness in those years. This is my way of saying, “I love you, Jesus.” I like to say it by using my gift, the gift that God has given me.

I think what’s extremely powerful about the mural of Jesus behind me is it’s a baptismal. So when the wall burnt down and crumbled, the cross stayed.

These are beautiful canvases to me. I want to make art that challenges people, touches people, and moves them — and inspires them to want to be creators, themselves. So when people come up to me and they cry every time they sit in front of one of my murals, or it’s brought them joy from all the destruction and everything has happened to their lives, I’m honored, you know? I’m overwhelmed. I’m just extremely grateful that these murals have touched people the way they have. And to me, I see that as a miracle.

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