Why This 360° Video of Bryce Canyon Inspires Us

Take a second to take in the beautiful Bryce Canyon in the 360° video above. Scroll around.

How incredible is the vastness of the canyon? The cracks, crevices, depth, wildlife: it’s beautiful, wonder- and awe-inspiring.

Meditate on the intricacy of the atoms and the science that all has to come together to create that masterpiece before you. Nature really is a work of art.

The beauty of creation can inspire us to think about our own potential. Since God created that, think about what works and beauty He can create through each of us — humankind, a masterpiece.

As we move into warmer weather and the season of being outdoors, let us take a note from nature. We are part of something bigger, something beautiful. Let God’s wonder of the natural world transform our perceptions of what’s possible and inspire us to rediscover our places and callings in the world.

We won’t shut any doors. We’ll explore the possibilities, dream big, and work to discover our calling in the bigger scheme of things — and invite you to do the same. How can you contribute to the larger work of art?

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