Finding Forever Homes for Stray Dogs

Growing up, Jackie Kruis was known as an animal lover, so it’s no surprise that she found her calling in animal rescue work. Now, instead of carting around stuffed animals with her, she has a car full of rescued stray dogs.

Video Transcript

(Old home video plays of Jackie getting a dog stuffed animal)

Off-camera speaker: Oh my goodness!

(Photos of Jackie as a child with various animals)

Jackie Kruis: I’ve always been a huge lover of animals. Ever since I was really young, my favorite thing to do was collect stuffed animals. And I was always telling my family that when I grew up, I was going to get a truck I could carry all my animals around with me in, wherever I went. And so my mom likes to bring that up frequently now that I’m in this line of work, and I constantly have my car full of dogs. 

Jackie rescues stray dogs from an impoverished area of the Four Corners.

(Current photos of Jackie rescuing dogs)

We take these dogs in, we get them up to date on vaccinations, dewormings, any other medication they may need. We get them all spayed and neutered. And then we give them homes and adopt them out.

When I think back to my family dog, I mean, I’ll always remember him. He was a huge part of my life, Reggie. And so, to be able to provide somebody with that, as well as to know that you took that dog from a terrible situation, and now they are going to be living their best life with their family. My favorite part of the job would definitely be sending a dog to their home.

Woman, with adopted dog: Yay, you ready to go home? (kisses dog)

(Photos of dogs with new adoptive families)

Jackie: Seeing the excitement in their face, the dog is usually very excited. It’s a really wholesome experience. They’re going to a home where they’re going to be loved, they’re probably going to get their first bath. And you know that you’ve brought that dog around, you’ve made them healthy, and you’ve essentially provided a family with a family member. Dogs have such distinct personalities. They’re really like people, they can be very particular. And I think this is why I love them so much.

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