What It Takes to Be a Great Mentor

Paige Jackson is a mentor to college students from minority backgrounds. She explains how she learned to heal from her past and to overcome negative thinking so she can focus on her students and live out her purpose each day.

Video Transcript

Paige Jackson: One of the things that I love doing with my work is working and developing a meaningful relationship with the students who come from similar backgrounds such as myself.

If I am coming to the office and I am experiencing some type of emotional disturbance or I’m thinking about some things that happened in the past, there’s no way I can be completely present.

Jay-Z is one of my favorite rappers, and one of the things that he says is that you cannot heal what you do not reveal. And I felt it was one of the most profound things, because if you do not discuss these things, how do you ever shed light to that?

If I have a thought that does not consist of love and is not part of the will of God, then I know that those are not the type of thoughts that can serve me in my purpose.

By making sure that I’m practicing self-care and making sure that I’m intentional about my healing only helps me become a better leader. It helps me become a better staff member, and it helps me become a better mentor.

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