This Blind Music Teacher Has Perfect Pitch

Irene Carver lost her sight at an early age, but she found a love for music. Today, she is a beloved music teacher with perfect pitch.

“God is the creator, and He created music — how we can use the notes in so many different ways,” she shares.

Video Transcript

Irene has perfect pitch. She lost her sight at a young age. She’s now a beloved voice teacher.

Irene Carver: Because I wasn’t out playing sports or doing other things that might require sight, I had a liking for music. And going through having a vocal problem of my own — that gave me a great motivation in my older years to want to be able to teach people. 

Mishawaka, Indiana

Ready, and breathe. 

Girl (singing): And rainbows have nothing to hide.

Irene: There. There, there. There, that’s good. (singing) I’ve taught students that were in school in choirs and wanting to learn to sing with more ease and get better at their breath support and feeling more comfortable when they sang. 

Let’s do that again. Relax, and then I’ll take your breath again. 

Well, Noah and I got married in 1973, and we were both musicians, and Noah being visually impaired went to the Kentucky School for the Blind and had a lot of exposure in music and a lot of similar experiences. My husband and I performed since the time that we were married in 1973. 

The Carvers were in a folk duo band when they were young.

God is the creator, and He created music, how we can use the notes in so many different ways, and music is just really neat. The way that my life has been, I just think God had a lot of mercy on me. 

Noah and Irene Carver (singing): I just wanna stop and thank you baby. How it is to be loved by you. How it is to be loved by you. Oh yeah.

Heart open.

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