Planting Hope through Urban Gardening in this Pandemic

Videographer Katie Rutter and her husband, who is a plant biologist, are planting hope during this pandemic — one small seed at a time. They’ve taken up urban gardening using basic items around the house like egg cartons and toilet paper rolls to grow everything from veggies to flowers.

Video Transcript

Grotto Stays In It Together

Katie Rutter: We were able to start this whole little garden without actually using any proper tools. It was just kind of using what we had around. I’m Katie Rutter. I am a videographer and a contributor to Grotto Network. 

Brian Rutter: And I’m Brian Rutter, her husband and a plant biologist at Indiana University.

Katie and Brian are making an urban garden during quarantine with herbs, veggies, and flowers.

These are mustard seeds, very biblical. When you get the seed it’s just this kind of lifeless, hard thing, and everything to make that plan is stuck inside that shell. It helps us remember that God, by small degrees, He’s going to raise us out of this situation. 

Katie: It’s like a sign from Him, “Look, I make all things new. I can still bring good out of this crap, out of this dirt. I can still make something beautiful blossom.”

[Shows different plants they’re growing — basil, tomato, marigold, etc.]

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