Read "Just.", a poem about living boldly.

What a horrible, candle-snuffing word.
That’s like saying, He can’t climb that mountain
He’s just a man…
Or “That’s not a diamond, it’s just a rock.”

They will try to tell you that this is
Just Reality. This is just your life…
No, this is the great Adventure
The daring quest
Where the knight rescues the beautiful maiden,
Where dragons and pirates are
Waiting to fight for what they believe
Belongs to them

This is the great Adventure
Where good triumphs over evil
And every character is on the brink
Of life or death
Here… Everything is a Risk.

So please take a look
Because before you know it, the Lion
Is going to defeat the Witch when all
Hope seems lost…
And you better get a good seat for it

Because the powerful play goes on
And you must contribute a verse

Don’t let these fairytales
Collect dust upon your shelves
Because the Questions will always remain

Do You See it? Are you willing to fight for it?

Which reality are you going to decide to live in?

It’s here… it’s now.
Turn the page.

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