Respecting the Architect in Every Restoration Project

Just because something is old or outdated doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. As she restores beauty to old buildings, Jill Tuinier embraces the challenge of learning the techniques architects used to create their works of art.

Video Transcript

Jill Tuinier: There is always a sense of respect for the original architect and design of things. We’re not going in and saying, “we can do better, because we live in the present.” There is respect for the way they did things in the past and you want to discover why they did what they did, and not just dismiss it offhand.

These are really great architects worked here and put their whole careers into buildings, so we don’t like to walk into a project and just dismiss the way it was. There’s a reason that these buildings are landmarked and that people visit to see the architectures, because it’s such great design and it’s beautiful. They’re works of art.

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