Racial Justice Spotify Playlist | #GrottoMusic

Listen to this Spotify playlist that includes songs about justice.

Confronting racism takes work. Racism manifests in our lives in largely hidden, structural ways — dehumanizing ideas are rooted in the ways our schools and neighborhoods are organized, the subconscious ways we perceive others, and even the very language we use. 

This work has to take place on a collective level — which is why people show up at protests and advocate for equity and equality. But, more importantly, this work has to take place on an individual level as well. In fact, the collective work doesn’t mean much if we’re not also looking at our own lives.

Prayer and reflection are a big help here. Conversations with people who think and live differently can move the needle. Art and representation in media matter. And music has a special role to play because it engages our emotions in this struggle.

We created this playlist to encourage and prompt you to do more of this reflective work, with the hope that it bears fruit in a more just world. The songs here range from Bruce Springsteen and Sufjan Stevens to Stevie Wonder and the theme song from Harriet, and highlight themes of solidarity, hope, perseverance, brotherhood, and justice. 

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