#GrottoMusic | A Playlist to Inspire Your New Beginning

Listen to this Spotify playlist featuring songs about new beginnings, and it will hopefully inspire you.

Setting out in a new direction takes boldness and courage. Old patterns and habits die hard — it’s not easy to break out of those ruts.

Perhaps St. Paul understands new beginnings more than any of us. We often think about his conversion as being instantaneous, but after his moment of revelation, he spent three years in isolation and reflection and prayer. Then he spent time learning from St. Peter. Only after all of that was he changed enough to set out with a new mission — and even then, he faced many challenges and made mistakes.

As it turns out, his famous conversion was a lifelong journey.

Maybe we don’t have the ability to live as a hermit for three years as Paul did, but perhaps we can follow his lead. A new beginning requires pause, reflection, God’s guidance, learning, and commitment.

Our New Beginnings playlist contains songs from musicians exploring these same themes. Whatever mission or purpose you feel called to, we hope Ben Rector, Lake Street Dive, Yola, Adele, and all of the other artists featured on this playlist can help carry you forward. Go out and live your next chapter with courage and conviction.

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