Sister Barbara Visits Death Row

Sister Barbara ministers to inmates on death row in Terre Haute, IN. She spent time with William LeCroy before he was executed in 2020. Here, she shares a little bit about her time with him and his journey through forgiveness.

Video Transcript

At Grotto Network, we wanted to know: What is it like to minister to a death row inmate? Sister Barbara is a death row spiritual companion. She spent time with William LeCroy here in Terre Haute, IN. He was executed in 2020.

Producer Katie: Do you think that Will really believed he was forgiven?

Sister Barbara: Will felt like they were never going to be forgiven.

We’re never ever beyond God’s love, and Will says that to me. He said that to me. I’m not just quoting my own philosophy or my own belief, which it is my belief, but he recognized that too. It’s really a paradox.

Before forgiveness happens, you need to acknowledge the harm. For Will, to be able to say to the mother of the person whose life he took, “I acknowledge what I did was wrong, and how I hurt you, and how I took her life, how violent that was,” that’s the fertile ground for forgiveness to grow.

He asked me to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet while we were in the death chamber together — that implores God’s mercy and asks for forgiveness for the whole world, not just for him.

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