20 Short Videos that Will Inspire You to Be More Grateful

Watch how Trey Gray tells his Huntington's disease story through drumming.

As we explore gratitude and resilience in this edition, we compiled this YouTube playlist of Grotto Stories that show people confronting obstacles with a generous spirit. 

We’ve been gathering these stories for a long time, and it’s inspiring to see a common thread connecting them: all these people find ways to stand strong when adversity strikes. There’s one disposition that keeps them grounded through it all: gratitude. You can see it on their faces and in their actions — they’ve found a way to notice and hold on to the gifts in their lives. Like plants growing toward sunlight, gratitude nourishes and strengthens them. 

As we ventured through our catalogue of mini-documentaries, we were moved to find so many stories that show everyday people actively choosing joy when they have so many reasons to do the opposite. Wherever you are and whatever you are facing right now, we hope these stories bring you gratitude and hope.

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